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Rai Canteen

In his idea of renewal, the RAI customer has deemed appropriate to adjust the rules of the Fire Brigade the canteen, now unmanageable and inadequate at the level of usability. The general layout is constituted by an input on one of the short sides opposite to the kitchen situated at 'the opposite end, while in the central part is the "fence" dedicated to the tables, surrounded by the distribution path. The new design, while maintaining the implant and the original distribution, highlights the new emergency exits with the frames arc square section of 20cm per side consisting of a main structure in squares of wood coated plywood panels for the part and bottom of wood panels lacquered red to the top. Moreover the table is completely renovated with new flooring porcelain stoneware and is entirely false ceiling to allow the passage of the air conditioning ducts but especially to ensure a new and more efficient illumination of the entire environment.


The "RR Studio" based in Rome took its first steps towards the end of the eighties mainly dealing with interior design, construction and design...



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