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RR Studio Architecture and Design

"RR Studio", Architecture and Design in Rome, he took his first steps at the end of the eighties mainly dealing with interior design, construction and design, acquiring over the years, a deep experience in the field of executive planning.

The facility’s manager is the Architect Stefano Rolli, who has worked as a freelancer for over twenty years, which after an initial training very rich technical studies at private and public agencies, has responded to many years of experiences directly in the field, showing large ability which construction manager and designer. The study, in addition to the head, is composed of numerous external technicians that provide their professionalism according to the design requirements, but is also equipped with professionals fixed type plus a variable number of designers.

The activities that RR Studio plays the most are the following:

  • Architectural design
  • Structural Design
  • Systems design (electrical, plumbing, heating, air system, photovoltaic)
  • Fire  Design
  • Job accounting, quantity, specifications
  • Interior Design
  • Supervision of works
  • Technical tests to administrative
  • Coordination of design and execution of security
  • Consultations relating to planning permissions

Among the latest works by RR Studio, we can mention: the renovation of Hotel Oceanis in Kos in Greece, the new headquarters of the company General San Raffaele Rome, the pool of the sporting center “Due Ponti” in Rome, the new Ferrari dealership in Rome, works in which you can re-read the basic principles of organic architecture, based on man to have received the space, and nature as an environment in which you create in ways that suggests itself.

Each project is the synthesis of research on a balance between the natural environment and the built environment. This course culminates with the Metra National Award 2010 for the direction of the General Offices of the San Raffaele SpA in Rome and the second mention for housing units Emergency Haiti 2010.

At the same time, the study explores the world of design, applying the same principles as organic, combining natural materials and innovative, always in the name of continuous research and attention to the news, but without forgetting the relationship with the primitive world and not to mention the experimentation of forms and ideas that they also have a focus on ergonomic laws. There are numerous exhibitions nationally known as Casaidea, where the study exhibited its objects.


The "RR Studio" based in Rome took its first steps towards the end of the eighties mainly dealing with interior design, construction and design...



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