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Table "Bubbles in the Table"

On the occasion of the 2007 edition of "Casa Idea", the Institute Mides has called for the review "Officine of the Arts" a contest that involved the design of an object of design and collaboration, with subsequent implementation of the prototype, with a craftsman . The suggested design theme for 2007 is "Limited Edition" Therefore, in designing our project, the reference to the figurative arts arose spontaneously while the idea of the table was even more natural thinking about the uniqueness of the product. "Bubbles on the table" is a prototype that was born from the idea of a table inspired by "The Garden of France" by M.Ernest and is the perfect compromise between a traditional meal and a new way of eating. The bubbles on the bearing surface are designed to insert snap normal meal plates, bowls and serving cutlery. In addition, one of the picnic areas is organized so as to provide a kind of food preparation and food warmers without the use of electronics or gas plant.


The "RR Studio" based in Rome took its first steps towards the end of the eighties mainly dealing with interior design, construction and design...



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