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View from Via di Valle Schioia View from Via di Valle Schioia

In 2012, a private client, has instructed RR Studio of the ideation of the project for a new buildings  with an adjacent square in the town of Lavinium (RM) , a small seaside town on the outskirts of Rome. RR Studio has its own design around the centrality of the square consists of a partly paved , close to residences , and a large part to green and children's playground behind the main entrance on Via di Valle Schioja . The connection between the two parties, in the original design , it is guaranteed by a lattice of wooden floorings diversified , that create a path shaded where the central part is dedicated to pedestrians, while the areas of flooring at the sides , slightly raised , constitute the bike path on one side and exposed or open-air market on the opposite side . The green, the main protagonist, is harmoniously designed in themed areas of Mediterranean vegetation. Finally, housing, consisting of small apartment buildings of small and medium- cutting , are deliberately positioned so as not to encroach on both the road and the square as an area of common and livable outdoor .


The "RR Studio" based in Rome took its first steps towards the end of the eighties mainly dealing with interior design, construction and design...



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